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On Feb, 10 2018
About InfoAndFix We are an independent company InfoAndFix who has been working on providing latest trivia running around the globe in regards to technology. We, as a whole, cover every bit of latest information regarding technology- news, new launches, what’s trending and many more. If you’re one of a tech-geek who keeps on searching for more tech-related news, or someone who doesn’t know much about the tech world and want to explore, then you’re at the right place!. We dig deep and explore the concepts of technology like no other. You’ll learn things here.
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According to HTC’s CFO Peter Shen, this will mean about half – yes, half- of the people in his company’s R&D team will be joining Google, Google Buys HTC but he emphasized that HTC will continue developing its range of smartphones, including its next flagship product. The agreement also grants Google a non-exclusive license for a large part of HTC’s intellectual property.

Whatsapp Pay
Whatsapp’s New Payment Feature? Whatsapp Pay
Technology January 27, 2018 admin
Whatsapp’s New Payment Feature?

Whatsapp Pay
Whatsapp Pay

The land of diversity, “India” consists of the maximum users of the social chat application Whatsapp compared to any other nation in the world, the financial times mention about the number of Indians that are already putting the applic
Ferrari Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne told the reporters during the American Auto Show,”If there is ever a time when an electric supercar is to be built and be on-road then Ferrari will be the lead and would be the first one to do so.” He also added by saying “People are amazed at what Tesla is doing with a supercar; I’m not trying to minimize what they did, but in my opinion, it’s do
n the following year, Amazon Prime announced Prime Music(which is now a competitor of Spotify and Google Play Music), which provides its members access to the ad-free subscription to millions of songs.

Until December 2015, Amazon Prime had “tens of millions” of subscribers, which was a huge achievement for it, in January 2016 nearly half of all U.S. households were members of Amazon Prime.Curr
Why is my website suspended a most asked question, Well If you have a website, then there might be chances that once in your life you’ve got this message,”THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED.” Or Why is my website suspended No matter if you just drank a whole big cup of coffee or not, after reading this you’ll not need caffeine at all, this message is enough to wake you up from your sleep.
If you’ve

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