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43.6?0.9 68.8?4.9 24.7?5.2 61.2?7.1 6.9?1.0 24.8?5.3 0.16?.Flanking SNPs of SNPs OAR2_88062818.1 35257.1 s26286.1 AR3_165050963.1 s59995.1 AR5_53435489.1 OAR6_6402059.1?OAR6_55087517_X.1 OAR6_57796972.1 AR6_58069886.1 OAR6_70844973.1 AR6_81183719.1 OAR6_127397796.1 33220.1 OAR10_29159858.1 AR10_29381795.1 s39429.1 AR13_55448085.1 OAR13_74074760.1 AR13_80614774_X.1 s59907.1 AR16_27501072.1 s25636.1

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